Canine-Assisted Therapy (C.A.T.)

How are dog-assisted sessions different from the conventional Gestalt therapy with me? Apart from the obvious that dog Daisy is present during the meeting, sessions can we very much like regular counselling and psychotherapeutic appointments. No session is ever the same. As a client, you get the opportunity to get to know Daisy and to interact with her, and vice versa. Dog-assisted therapy entails social interactions. Clients may touch, groom and give affection to the dog. Sometimes, your or Daisy might not be interested in interacting altogether, which is a form of social interaction in it self. The contact with Daisy might bring to light how you interact in relationships generally, which can lead to deeper insight, and consequently change in you.

Companion animals such as dogs can engage us on an empathic, compassionate, emotional level and heighten our awareness of how we relate to those around us. Dogs live in the present moment and bring themselves into relationship authentically. They offer us non-judgemental, honest feedback and teach us to be more aware of the connections between our mind, body and emotions. This gives us the opportunity to make contact with ourselves and our environment and relate to others in a different way. Hence, canine-assisted therapy can improve clients' mental, physical, social and emotional functioning with the aid of a dog.

Studies undertaken over more than a decade argue that being around dogs decreases stress and relieves depression as well as anxiety. C.A.T. is also recommended for the recently bereaved or otherwise traumatised clientele.

Canine therapy has been applied repeatedly to disasters and tragic events around the world, beginning with September 11, 2001, to address the anxiety, stress and confusion of both victims and rescue teams alike in dealing with the feelings of loss, despair, helplessness, frustration and anger.

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