Canine-Assisted Therapy (C.A.T.)



Currently Daisy and I do not take on new clients for canine-assisted therapy. However, do get in touch and we will let you know when spaces will become available. There are still regular counselling and psychotherapy sessions vacant. Please check available time slots.

Daisy is a four-year old working Springer Spaniel rescue. She has passed the Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Gold Award for obedience. Daisy has been working with me as a trainee-therapy dog since January 2013.

Given Daisy's background, she can be a bit shy and nervous around people, which she might show by barking. (Feedback over the past 18 months has highlighted though, that this is a quality that many clients recognize in themselves, too - a powerful insight!) Nevertheless, Daisy has a gentle temperament and her personality has been evaluated as suitable for therapeutic purposes.

I see Daisy as a great addition to the therapy process. She does not hide her feelings and she is lacking in any form of deception or pretence, which can evoke powerful feelings in you. She outwardly demonstrates her emotions, especially with her tail and doggy speak.

Because dogs are so open with their affection, clients may feels nurtured and may gain a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Recent research undertaken in medical (non-military and military) settings shows clear evidence that dogs (like many other animals) have the power to heal.

With Canine Assisted Therapy, Daisy will be an integral part of the process through which we can discover your ways of creating relationships and notice the patterns that you are stuck in. We may experiment with dog training activities or you may simply sit and cuddle the dogs during the session.

If at any point you preferred Daisy not to to be present in a session, this can be arranged of course.

You can now book appointments online. Alternatively, please contact me on, call or text me on my mobile +49-152 53 16 05 07 or leave a message on my confidential answer machine +49-221 95 81 72 31.