Online Therapy

What type of online therapy do you do?

What are the advantages of choosing video therapy?

How can I book an appointment?

What type of online therapy do you do?

I offer video sessions by Skype. The Skype application has become more and more popular over the years and it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Skype can be downloaded on their website free of charge. Please follow Skype's installation instructions.

What I DO NOT DO is to engage with you therapeutically by email, text, Internet chat or over the phone. Having said that, there is an exceptions. If we agree to Skype counselling and if there was a technical problem which would prevent us from video calling, we might arrange to speak over the phone. Ideally, we would look into alternative timings first, which I appreciate is not always possible, feasible or appropriate.

What are the advantages?

Counselling by Skype video has several advantages over the more traditional method of coming to see me in person:

  • You can choose to work with me even if you do not live in the Cologne area.
  • You may feel more comfortable to speak to a therapist who is unconnected to your local area. You might feel more at ease knowing that we might not bump into each other in the high street or a local event.
  • If you are away from home frequently, you are able to keep your regular appointment. Online video therapy gives you the independence to meet with me wherever you are, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection and a space where you can speak in private.
  • Although we would agree on a regular time slot (as we would if we met face-to-face), should you need more flexibility due to travels, e.g. within different time zones, or should you work shifts, I can offer the occasional out of hours appointment that would otherwise not be available.
  • You might live in Cologne but you might find it difficult to leave your home due to emotional or physical difficulties. Part of our work together could focus on working towards meeting in person. Imagine what an achievement that would be!
  • Some clients find it much less intimidating speaking about their difficulties when sitting in front of their computer screen. I heard people say that they found the experience much less intimidating.
How can I book an appointment?

You can now book appointments online. AAlternatively, please contact me on, call or text me on my mobile +49-152 53 16 05 07 or leave a message on my confidential answer machine +49-221 95 81 72 31.

How do I pay?

You can pay by PayPal with your credit or debit card. This can be done when booking the appointment(s) online. Payment needs to be arranged prior to each online session. The charge for the session is the same as if you were seeing me in person. I offer regular appointments of 50-minutes. Prices are available upon request.